The 48 Laws ..

Robert Greene

The Anxious ..

Jonathan Haidt

Outlive: The..

Peter Attia, MD

What This Co..

Bill Maher

The Way of t..

David Deida


Tom O'Neill

Don't Believ..

Joseph Nguyen

The Body Kee..

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Attached: Th..

Amir Levine & Rachel Heller

12 Rules for..

Jordan B. Peterson


Marcus Aurelius

What Happene..

Oprah Winfrey & Bruce D. Perry

Thinking, Fa..

Daniel Kahneman

Good Energy:..

Casey Means, MD & Calley Means

The Singular..

Ray Kurzweil

In My Time o..

Sebastian Junger

Say Nothing:..

Patrick Radden Keefe

The New Meno..

Mary Claire Haver, MD

The Untether..

Michael A. Singer

The 4-Hour B..

Timothy Ferriss

Adult Childr..

Lindsay C. Gibson PsyD


Charles Duhigg

Come As You ..

Emily Nagoski

Empire of th..

S. C. Gwynne

Unhumans: Th..

Jack Posobiec & Joshua Lisec

You Can Heal..

Louise Hay

Signs: The S..

Laura Lynne Jackson

The Coddling..

Greg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt

Chip War (Un..

Chris Miller

The Wager: A..

David Grann

Letting Go (..

David R. Hawkins, MD. PHD.

Hillbilly El..

J. D. Vance

Democracy in..

Sami Sage & Emily Amick

How to Know ..

David Brooks

The Storytel..

Dave Grohl

Fight Right:..

Julie Schwartz Gottman, PhD & John Gottman Ph.D.

Bad Therapy:..

Abigail Shrier

When the Nig..

Howard Blum

For Love of ..

Tulsi Gabbard

Oh Crap! Pot..

Jamie Glowacki

Prequel: An ..

Rachel Maddow

Read People ..

Patrick King

Dare: The Ne..

Barry McDonagh

It Didn't St..

Mark Wolynn

Mating in Ca..

Esther Perel

Love and R..

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

The Myth of ..

Gabor Maté, M.D. & Daniel Maté

ADHD is Awes..

Penn Holderness & Kim Holderness

Good Inside..

Becky Kennedy

Talking to S..

Malcolm Gladwell

If You Tell:..

Gregg Olsen

101 Essays T..

Brianna Wiest

Fast Like a ..

Dr. Mindy Pelz

8 Rules of L..

Jay Shetty

Dark Psychol..

Mario Scott

The Gift of ..

Gavin De Becker

Amateur Hour..

Charlie Spiering

How to Hug a..

Sean Smith

A Killer by ..

Ann Wolbert Burgess

How to Keep ..

KC Davis

Among the Br..

Max Marshall

I Can Fix Th..

Kristina Kuzmic

Meditations ..

Marcus Aurelius

ADHD 2.0: Ne..

Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. & John J. Ratey, M.D.

Bowling Alon..

Robert D. Putnam

The Red Book..

C. G. Jung & Sonu Shamdasani

The Seven Pr..

John M. Gottman Ph.D. & Nan Silver

The Value of..

Orion Taraban

Unmasking Au..

Devon Price, Ph.D.

Guns, Germs,..

Jared Diamond

Caste (Oprah..

Isabel Wilkerson

The Gifts of..

Brené Brown

Challenger (..

Adam Higginbotham

Braving the ..

Brené Brown

The Checklis..

Atul Gawande

Occult Femin..

Rachel Wilson

Complex PTSD..

Pete Walker

The Daily St..

Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman

Raising Ment..

Daniel G. Amen, M.D. & Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Summary: Cha..

Brooks Bryant

Communicate ..

Nic Saluppo

The 48 Laws ..

Robert Greene

Memories, Dr..

C.G. Jung

American Pre..

Maureen Callahan

Mindset: The..

Carol S. Dweck

The Mindful ..

Ellen J. Langer

How to Chang..

Michael Pollan

Atlas of the..

Brené Brown

All About Lo..

bell hooks

Radical Acce..

Tara Brach PhD

Lifespan (Un..

David A. Sinclair

The Fall of ..

Elizabeth Dias & Lisa Lerer

Why Does He ..

Lundy Bancroft

Gay Girl, Go..

Jackie Hill Perry

Feel the Fea..

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

Band of Brot..

Stephen E. Ambrose

Many Lives, ..

Brian L. Weiss

The Molecule..

Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD & Michael E. Long

Building Lov..

Gary Chapman & Ron L. Deal

Stop Walking..

Randi Kreger & Paul T. Mason, MS