Nuclear War:..

Annie Jacobsen

The Demon of..

Erik Larson


Anderson Cooper & Katherine Howe

The Situatio..

George Stephanopoulos

Surprise, Ki..

Annie Jacobsen

The Rise and..

William L. Shirer

A Short Hist..

Bill Bryson

Area 51..

Annie Jacobsen

Endurance: S..

Alfred Lansing

The Emerald ..

M. Doreal

The Wide Wid..

Hampton Sides

A Wing and a..

Harry H. Crosby

The Warmth o..

Isabel Wilkerson

Civilian War..

Erik Prince

The Fourth T..

William Strauss & Neil Howe

Endurance: S..

Alfred Lansing


Tom Holland

Killing the ..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

The Splendid..

Erik Larson

The Devil in..

Erik Larson

A People's H..

Howard Zinn

River of the..

Candice Millard

Inventing A ..

Gore Vidal

Lone Survivo..

Marcus Luttrell

Pacific Cruc..

Ian W. Toll

The End of E..

Victor Davis Hanson

No Bullet Go..

John Stansifer

The Silk Roa..

Peter Frankopan

Ghosts of Ho..

Mark Harmon

Crazy Horse ..

Stephen E. Ambrose

War is a Rac..

General Smedley D. Butler

The End is A..

Dan Carlin


Peter Stark

Killing Kenn..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard


Stephen Fry

1491: New Re..

Charles C. Mann

On Killing..

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman

The Decline ..

Edward Gibbon

Our Oriental..

Will Durant

The Greatest..

Tom Brokaw

The Gulag Ar..

Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Two Treatise..

John Locke

White Rage: ..

Carol Anderson

Killing Craz..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

The Pentagon..

Annie Jacobsen

The First Wa..

Alex Kershaw

When Women R..

Julie Satow

Killing Patt..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

The River of..

Candice Millard

The Bomber M..

Malcolm Gladwell


James L. Swanson

The Forgotte..

Gregory A. Freeman

Pirate Hunte..

Robert Kurson

Prisoners of..

Ben Macintyre

How Iceland ..

Egill Bjarnason

The Last Pan..

Wolfgang Faust

Disunited Na..

Peter Zeihan

Irish Histor..

History Brought Alive


Timothy Snyder

The Rediscov..

Ned Blackhawk

Unruly: The ..

David Mitchell

The Seven Wo..

Bettany Hughes

The Art of W..

Sun Tzu & Miyamoto Musashi

The Feminine..

Betty Friedan

The American..

John Keegan

21 Lessons f..

Yuval Noah Harari

First Casual..

Toby Harnden

Horatio's Dr..

Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns

The Sinner a..

Kevin Birmingham

Killing Jesu..

Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard

Energy and C..

Vaclav Smil

The British ..

Rick Atkinson

What Hath Go..

Daniel Walker Howe

The Best and..

David Halberstam

Dodge City..

Tom Clavin

Flags of Our..

James Bradley & Ron Powers

The Bulletpr..

David Barton

Agent Sonya:..

Ben Macintyre

Countdown to..

Kim Zetter

The Last Ind..

Elliott West

Valiant Ambi..

Nathaniel Philbrick

Marvel Comic..

Sean Howe

The Napoleon..

Alexander Mikaberidze

Leadership i..

Andrew Roberts

Diary of an ..

Frank Johnson

This Republi..

Drew Galpin Faust

EspaƱa : A ..

Giles Tremlett

Who Cooked t..

Rosalind Miles

Ravensbruck ..

Sarah Helm

Origin Story..

David Christian

The Whispere..

Orlando Figes

Our Declarat..

Danielle Allen

The Price of..

Alistair Horne

Rivers of Go..

Hugh Thomas

Everything Y..

Anton Treuer

The Egyptian..

E. A. Wallis Budge

The Age of B..

The Great Courses

The Fall of ..

Charles River Editors

The Devil Bo..

C.J. Skamarakas

Atomic Bomb ..

Don A. Farrell & Dr. Gordon E. Castanza